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Friday, December 31, 2010

new years eve!

What are you doing tonight?

I am not quite sure what I am doing yet...but I am sure it will involve fun & champagne!

Have fun & be safe this New Year's Eve!



featured seller friday : sunny day vintage

Happy Friday!

Today I have a little interview with Sunny from SunnyDayVintage on etsy. All the items in the shop are beautiful & the photos are extra pretty.

Enjoy the little interview with Sunny below along with some of my favorite items from SunnyDayVintage...

Where can we find you?

I’m on Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/SunnyDayVintage

How did you get started on Etsy?

I was a casual buyer for a couple years. One day I was browsing and realized there was a vintage category and the proverbial light bulb went off! I've always been a collector and I love going to estate sales. Since I find so much great stuff and can’t keep it all, I knew I’d found a way to feed my passion.

(this is slightly creepy...but i love it extra because of its eeriness!)

How do you find items for Sunny Day Vintage?

I shop at Chicago estate sales every weekend and focus on pieces that are well made, in wonderful colors, iconic for their time or things that just appeal to me. I travel to Wisconsin often, so I hit the sales there too. Typically, I find that if I like it, chances are good someone else will too.

How did you develop a successful shop without using Facebook or Twitter?

I’m obsessive! I’m constantly in my shop, tweaking, analyzing, re-shooting and re-writing. I try to focus on mint or near-mint pieces. Obviously vintage means old, and there will often be wear, but I try for pieces in the best possible condition. I also advertise off Etsy on blogs that reach my target market, and I analyze the views and bounce rates to be sure I’m getting good value for my ad dollars. I also occasionally write blog posts for other bloggers, which brings me additional exposure.

What kinds of vintage items do you like best?

I have a weakness for vintage barware, colored glass, paper goods and souvenirs. And I bring home anything I find in turquoise – it’s my favorite color!

(i love these!)

I want to thank Sunny for taking the time to share her story with me!

Check out Sunny's shop & you will not be disappointed!



Thursday, December 30, 2010

brightening up my winter blues...

It is winter & that makes me blue. I long for the warmth & sunshine or summer. But for now I had to settle on making a cherry pink polyvore set to brighten things up a bit.

All items are vintage or vintage inspired, click for details!




Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i want a new camera!

I have some Christmas $$ to burn & I think I want to spend it on a new camera.

I wanted to get a digital SLR but they are SO damn expensive!

I basically want a camera to take pictures for my blog & just for fun...so I am thinking a lot about getting a Diana Mini. They are really affordable & take sweet vintage style photos.

Anyone own one of these? Or have a camera recommendation??

I would love some advice!



p.s. check out some photos taken with a Diana Mini below...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

modern day vintage icon - chloe sevigny

She is so very pretty...& very stylish.

& she loves her vintage!

Check out some shots of her below...




Monday, December 27, 2010

traveling vintage style...

by kitschwear on etsy

I am getting ready to leave home (Cleveland) & head back to my other home (Denver) now that Christmas is over.

This year I borrowed some luggage for my travels, but I have really been pondering buying a mis matched set of vintage luggage for future travels.

Check out some of my etsy favorites...

by modhuman on etsy

by 22 Bay Road on etsy

by thefancylamb on etsy

Sure beats a black samsonite & these really would make going the the airport a whole lot more bearable!



Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

featured seller friday : kts815

I am finally getting back to featured seller Fridays again!


Today I am introducing kts815 on etsy who also goes by reFresh. The shop is owned by the married duo Kathleen & Andy. They are just starting out on etsy, so look for plenty more from these two in the future!

Their shop has some pretty sweet vintage goods. Check out our chat below along with some of my favorite picks from the shop...

What made you want to start selling vintage?

Selling vintage was sort of a "happy accident" for my husband and I.

It started as a low cost hobby, we loved spending our weekends searching flea markets, junk shops, and estate sales for unique odds and ends to decorate our first apartment with. We got hooked on the buying experience. Meeting interesting people and coming home with a car full of "stuff" was so much more fun the mall experiences where we would came home frazzled and broke!

After a while our collection was growing way too big, so we decided some of it had to go. We started researching and then that became a hobby too. Before we knew it we were buying, researching, and selling more and more. That's when we decided to set up an Etsy shop, where our vintage now shares a space with the handcrafted reclaimed barn wood furniture & decor side of our business.

Your shop is relatively new on etsy, what are your future plans for it?

To post the remainder of our inventory as soon as possible! I'm a perfectionist, so getting our 200+ items photographed, researched, and posted has been slow for me. We're hoping to double our inventory by the end of the week.

What is your favorite thing about selling vintage?

There's so much I love about it... my favorite thing would have to be the people I meet doing this. Every week I get to meet such a great variety of people with these incredible stories about their stuff. That's really what vintage is all about for me; the people, stories and history that enrich our finds.

Where else can we find you?

Our blog is refreshreclaimrefine.blogspot.com, and you can follow me on Twitter here: twitter.com/refreshreclaim


Their shop is pretty cute (obviously or I wouldn't have interviewed them!). So you probably should check it out...here

It was great hearing from Kathleen & Andy about their little shop, best of luck guys & I look forward to seeing your shop grow!



Thursday, December 23, 2010

a brand new vintage shop to keep an eye on...

I have a new struggling little vintage shop on etsy, so I like to support others that have new shops as well! Maybe karma will kick in eventually :)

Anyways, take a peek at OldClassicVintage on etsy. Some really cute things & I am sure only better to come!

Some of my favorites...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a fabulous little afternoon

I spent this afternoon getting lunch & browsing Chagrin Falls little shops. There are some amazing antiques tucked away in this cozy little Ohio town.

Enjoy some photos of my day!

adorable blue decorative glass house

a table full of vintage goodies

christmas wreaths

a mailbox just for santa's letters!


old bottle & books

vintage christmas ornaments

old jukebox

such a pretty little town!



a pretty little christmas wish list

Me oh my, christmas is only a handful of days away!

I don't want much for christmas this year....but I do want some things :)

Take a peek at my christmas wish list...

all i want for christmas

What do you want to find under the tree christmas morning??



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

treasury tuesday...

It's treasury Tuesday, take a peek at my
beautiful Christmas
inspired vintage treasury below,
& check out the real life version here .